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One of the single best predictors of students' and a school's success is parental engagement. This is one of the most pressing needs of our school, and is vital to the school's success. As a Parent Teacher Organization, we are purposefully positioned to partner together for one goal: educational success of every student. 

We are asking parent volunteers to pledge 2 hours for the 2019-2020 school year. It's a small commitment that yields great results!

All volunteers who will directly interact with students MUST complete the MISD volunteer application. Please note, these reset every August and must be completed again every year. Click here for the volunteer application. 

Between school events, teacher support, and direct interaction with Caldwell students, there are dozens of ways to be involved as a volunteer.

Here is a current list of events and projects at Caldwell that need YOU:

  • Classroom support: make copies, distribute paperwork in student folders, read to small groups or help students with projects

  • Front office support: greet and sign in visitors, answer phones, perform general office duties to support our current administrative staff

  • Volunteer at an event: this is FUN way to help while also participating and enjoying PTO hosted events, such as fall fest, open gyms, movie nights, our spring dance, and more! We schedule volunteers in shifts so you still have time to spend with your kids at these family-friendly events. Review the calendar for upcoming events that fit in your schedule!

  • Cover lunch/recess duty: A few times a year, we cover lunch and recess duties so the teachers can enjoy their lunch as a team, relax, or even have a bit of free time to catch up on classroom tasks. Shifts are scheduled so you can cover your child(ren)'s lunch/recess hour, or stay for multiple grades, if you choose! 

  • Serve on a committee: match your background and expertise with one of our many committees, organized to focus on one particular event or activity at school. Learn more on our "Plan" page. 

  • Be a REACH mentor: While not managed by PTO, it's a great way to connect one-on-one with a Caldwell student and help them succeed. Learn more about the program at the MISD website.

Have questions? Contact one of our volunteer coordinators, who will guide you to where your passion meets Caldwell's needs!

Mariana Del Valle (habla español): 508-550-8126 

Joni Pearson: 956-929-9281