Kristen is serving as PTO President as of January 2021! She and her husband Ryan have two boys, Cole (2nd), who is in the dual-language program, and Max (Pre-K 4s). She absolutely adores Caldwell and its staff and incredibly dedicated teachers, which is why she's so passionate about supporting the school in any way she can. Kristen is an enneagram type 1 and former middle and high school teacher who is taking a break this year to stay at home with her boys but keeps busy by continuing her education, working out, and subbing occasionally. 

If you haven't met Kristen yet - be sure to say hi when you see her! 

Reach Kristen directly at or


Kristen is looking forward to serving as the co-Volunteer Coordinator for the 2020-2021 school year. She and her husband have two daughters who attend Caldwell. 


Melissa is excited to serve as your PTO treasurer for the 2021-2022 school year. Her daughter Charlotte is in the dual-language program in 3rd grade, and her sister Lydia is in 1st grade. Melissa is currently a stay-at-home mom. Her husband Caleb is an engineer at Raytheon and is the leader of Dads Of Caldwell Elementary (DOCE).

Melissa would love to chat with you anytime, and you can reach her at or 919-451-0719

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Hi, My name is Melissa Everett. My youngest son Wyatt is a 3rd grader at Caldwell in the Dual Program. A little bit about me.... In life, I am driven by the social contract and ensuring all groups are represented fairly, equally, and justly, and transparency is a guiding factor in that. I am the budget manager for a local municipality in the North Texas region; with my most work background is in strategic planning and policy writing. Outside of my 8-5, I write grants for municipalities across the country, and I just recently finished up my Masters Degree in December. My husband Jimmy and I have two kids, Wyatt 8, and Nathan 19, who graduated from McKinney North recently and is currently at Blinn College in Brenham. Caldwell is a great school, and we’ve enjoyed being a part of its family, and serving through the PTO to keep the organization moving forward is my way of giving back to the school.

Melissa can be reached via email at


Nicole has a second-grader, Naomi, at Caldwell Elementary and has served on the PTO board for three years. Nicole and Naomi really enjoy the dual language program and the Caldwell community. Nicole is a Project Manager with JP Morgan. Nicole started her career in the banking industry with Smith Barney and has worked in other industries such Real Estate, Construction Management, and Telecommunications as a Project Manager as well as running her own business as a Consultant. 

Nicole can be reached at


I am a mom to 4 active kids and an entrepreneur. My crew puts a high value on strong community ties and equal opportunity for all children. Being an active part of the PTO makes it easy and fun to build relationships for the whole family and to have an impact on building a strong school community. The relationships we’ve build at Caldwell will have a lifelong impact (cheesy but true:)
This year I am membership and fundraising chair for the PTO. We have a great team of parents and grandparents and would love for you to join us! 

You can reach me at or 469-510-7056